Camden Place Ltd - finding your place in a sea of information

Camden Place is fully engaged and no longer seeking new clients.

Camden Place Ltd., LLC, was formed in 1999 by professionals with a passion for helping people harness the power of their information resources.  Our focus is on creating shared information environments, which helps our clients find meaning in a sea of information, ordering their conceptual, physical, and digital landscapes.

We specialize in the areas of Information Technology and RIM Consulting, Records Retention Schedule Development, Web Design and Development, and Online Association / Membership Management.  Our clients range from sole proprietors looking to establish on online presence, to professional associations needing to manage an online community, to multinational corporations seeking to manage vast repositories of data.  Some of the larger organizations we've worked with include AT&T, BellSouth, BNSF Railway Company, Deloitte & Touche LLP, DFW International Airport, and McKesson Corporation.

Camden Place Ltd. - helping you find your place in a sea of information
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